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Sunstate offers a great environment for growth, training and career advancement, along with a competitive and comprehensive benefits package including:

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Tier 2 Support



Tier 2 Support

Review and work on all tickets with a Tier 2 CW Subtype.
Provide Technical assistance and mentoring to Tier 1 Technicians.
Work on Tier 1 tickets and help Tier 3 engineers if there are no Tier 2 tickets to work on (whichever is in most demand/pressing to business needs)
Tier 2 Technicians should have thorough understanding of all Tiers and their Subtypes.

Work on all Tier 2 Faults

All faults which can be categorized from the CW Tier 2 Subtypes should be worked on and resolved by Tier 2 Technicians.

Attempt Tier 3 Faults

If fault constitutes Tier 3 support, but a Tier 2 Technician feels they can resolve the fault, authorization must be acquired from Tier 3 member before attempting to work on faults.


Where tickets Type/Subtype constitutes Tier 3, Escalation procedure must be followed. this will involve advising the Coordinator that a ticket requires escalation from Tier 2. Once a ticket is escalated it will be re-assigned by the coordinator to Tier 3. This keeps the coordinator in the know.

Identify Trends, Patterns & Issues

Tier 2 Technicians are expected to identify more advanced trends and patterns of technical faults. In practical terms, these trends should be addressed by Tier 2 Technicians by writing scripts for automating the repair of these faults, reducing helpdesk effort to repair recurring faults.

Project Work

Tier 2 Technicians are expected to aid on Projects as and when required.


Ensure ticket response times are met as per client’s SLAs.


Certification & Work History

Tier 2 Support

Tier 2 Technicians should have thorough understanding of all Tiers in CW and their Subtypes, along with Completion of CW University Tech training.

Tier 2 skill set

Advanced Computer and operating system trouble shooting.
Advanced Networking and troubleshooting.
Advanced Help desk experience using ticket programs. 2+ years.
Basic Project management and ownership
Advanced Client application troubleshooting.
Project Lead Experience
Excellent documentation in ITBoost

Tier 2 Certifications/Qualifications

A+ certification or compatible years of service and work history.
Networking+ certification or compatible years of service and demonstrative work history.
Security+ certification or compatible years of service and demonstrative work history.
CCNA Cisco Certification or compatible years of service and demonstrative work history.
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) or compatible years of service and demonstrative work history.



Helpdesk Cover

Ensure helpdesk is manned always.
Request additional support from Coordinator when necessary.

Effective use of Resources

Through effective escalation, Tier 2 Technicians should ensure they identify faults effectively to ensure either escalation to correct Tier or demotion to lower Tier. This is done according to CW Subtypes defined in each Tier.

Use CW Automate to automate process/reduce technician workload, such as executing Scripts and Reviewing Monitors when troubleshooting faults.

Note* – Tier 2 Technicians are permitted to write and test scripts/monitors against their own machines and/or in the Dev environment. However, deployment of scripts/monitors into production environments much first be approved by the Director.




Communicate – Right Time, Right Place.

Role Model

Tier 2 Technicians are role models for Tier 1 Support engineers. As such, they are expected to behave with the professional which this position commands.

Identify Rising Talent

Tier 2 Technicians should identify and report Tier 1 Technicians who are showing promising signs of improvement/promotion

Team Spirit

Always work for the team, no matter how busy your workload gets. Team players are pivotal to the success of any Team.

Behavior & Attitude

Attitude to colleagues and customers is professional, courteous and respectful always.

Areas of Concern & Training

Report areas of improvement to Director. This can be down to further training, or areas of weakness. If you don’t let somebody know, they can’t help you. Remember – Teamwork!



Effective Communication

Provide clients with accurate, useful information always.
Maintain upbeat, positive, can-do attitude
Every customer is important – make sure they feel that way!

Complain Handling

Tier 2 Technicians are likely to experience more aggressive client frustrations due to the nature of the faults being dealt with, and the severity of these to clients.
Mindful of potential problems and act quickly to mitigate these.
All customer complaints should be reported to the Director, even if you have resolved the client’s complaints through ticket resolution.
Negative and Neutral survey reports are emailed to the Director. Director will send it to the Technician that worked the ticket as well as the Coordinator for follow up with the customer. If the Negative or Neutral was a mistake the Director will delete the negative.

Identify Sales Opportunities

Pick up on client buying signals
Identify systems in need of upgrade or replacement
Forward Opportunities to CW Sales Board.



Client Usage

Report clients who have exceptionally high helpdesk usage to the Director, especially when this is sustained over several weeks or months.

Helpdesk Cover

Report low helpdesk cover to Coordinator.
As a 2nd Line Technician, you will be more aware of tickets which are likely to take significant periods of time to resolve. These should be reported to Coordinator quickly, as prolonged time on support tickets can have an impact on Tier 1 escalation.


All Technicians in all support Tiers are expected to:
-be thorough in the documentation of their work on tickets. Details of verbal discussions with clients, agreed times/dates/actions, precise actions taken and next steps.
– keep their Ticket Status’ up to date, reflecting the current state of the fault.
– ensure tickets have up-to-date notes at COB of every day.
– provide full documented handover to Director ½ day prior to finishing work for Annual Leave. This will give time to clarify any points in the handover.
Client information, usernames and passwords and How to documents need to be recorded in ITBoost.

Time Recording

All Technicians in all support Tiers are expected to accurately record their time on tickets when entering notes in the ‘Detail Description’ or ‘Resolution’ sections of tickets.


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